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I subscribed Marco Morabito president of the I.K.M.O. International KravMaga Organization - Italy -Genoa,
I write this letter to point out the abilities, the professionalism and the teachings applied by the teacher VadimStarov.
The applicability of his teachings and the methodical one of his defence systems they have proved to be the validity of the courses made.
The effectiveness and the explosive style of education are actually impressive, so like the systems operating of security shown.
I frankly hope that the experience ripened by me in way can more than positive be useful to let other professionals of the sector,
the validity of the methods until time learned also know.

Friendly  I.K.M.O.
The President
Marco Morabito


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VadimStarov has let know the Center Of Russian Hand-to-Hand Combat "Russian Style"-SystemaSpetsnaz ,
the history of a big Popolo as those Russian, height of values and traditions, I am proud to be an instructor of his thanks school's.
Instructor KravMaga
Instructor SystemaSpetsnaz 1 degree


We are really satisfied with having appreciated the cleverness and the ingeniousness of the teacher VadimStarov, in Italy much has made speak of if and of the Russian SystemaSpetsnaz

Instructor KravMaga
Instructor SystemaSpetsnaz 1 degree


I am I satisfy to have worked what with a big professional VadimStarov, certainly a beginning to continue the art of the Russian system
Instructor KravMaga
InstructosSystemaSpetsnaz 1 degree

Giorgio Simonelli
I thank the teacher VadimStarov for all that he has taught us in the stay period in Italy I hope to keep on studying with him also in the future
Instructor KravMaga
Instructor SystemaSpetsnaz 1 degree
Alberto Perini


Dear Sir or Madam,
this is my e-mail about Vadir's seminar in Italy. I hope that you will like it.
I wish you Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.
Best regards
Fabio Rabolli

Dear reader,
I would like to express my satisfaction about Mr. Starov's seminar which took place in Genoa from 22/11/05 to 27/11/05.
In fact, during this week I was shown an incredible variety of concepts and lethal techniques.
Furthermore, Mr. Starov is a very friendly person to speak with.
Believe me or not, it's worth learning SystemaSpetsnaz!
Just do it.

Best Regards
Fabio Rabolli



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