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Los Angeles Seminar - Hand to hand combat

My name is Oleg Spector. I am a chief instructor, founder and president of Shoto-Jutsu International Martial Arts Federation, Shoto-Jutsu Karate-Godan, black belt 5th Dan.

I was pleased to meet Mr. VadimStarov for the first time at my dojo. He was a gentelman with a great spirit. I was invited to attend the seminar of the Russian hand to hand combat style Rykopashiy Boy.

I was pleased to accept the offer, and gain the knowledge of the art. Since I was born in Russia myself, it was a cultural experience as well.

Mr. Starov is a great martial artist. A great fighter, ditailed instructor and a man of fire. His spirit changes people lives for the better.

I feel that Mr. Starov deserves the respect in the martial arts, due to his leadership and great teching ability.

Thank you to everyone - Gregory, Alex, Shlomo, Max Pollen and all who I did not mention, and to my new friend Vadim.

Seminar was great, lets do it again!

Hello to all the students and visitors. I would like to thank everyone, who is involved in our common work, and great progress that was reached during this short period of time.

Thank you to all my friends, family and my dear girlfriend (Lena) for their support and hard work. Also, a great respect and bravery mark to the stuntmen who faced their inner fear to stand up to this challenge. They did a gerat job during the demo and a new dvd's production.

This event included history, medical and first aid applications. Various aspects and numerous techniques of the art. It was attended by masters, students and visitors.

Mr.VadimStarov presented the material in the simple and direct method easy to understand and learn. His teaching ability is professional and comes from the heart.

After the seminar, Mr. Starov was invited for the apperance and demonstration at one of the prestigious schools in the world, owened by Gene LeBell and GokorChevichyan (Sambo-Wrestling-No rules Fighting). It was a great visit, exchanging and demonstrating knowledge, power and wisdom of martial arts. (SpetsNaz works in any place or against any style or system, see the pictures )

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Gene LeBell (9 Dan Judo/MMA)-Vadim Starov
Video FeedBack-SpetsNaz works in any place or against any style or system




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