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Systema is a term derived from the original Russian Systema of Hand-to-Hand Combat. More recently, as this style has become exported to western nations, it has become synonymous with Systema or Russian System of Martial Arts.

001Systema was developed by the early Cossacks, a highly trained paramilitary society, more than a thousand years ago, and historical record of this fighting style can be dated back to 948 A.D. For Centuries Russia had to repel invaders from the north, south, east and west, each of which brought to bear the peculiar martial skills, physical abilities and weapons of its culture. As a result, the need arose for a fighting style based on adaptability, instinct and ease of learning.

The Russian System of Hand-to-Hand Combat, developed from this need. When the Communists came to power after the October Revolution of 1917, the practice of these fighting skills was prohibited, except by the elite units of the Soviet Special Forces, known as Spetsnaz. These groups had unique training and capabilities for working on the highest risk missions within KGB, and other government agencies.
After the revolution in Russia, emigrating Russian officers brought the Russian martial art to the West. It was the Russian Style that was the basis for training the US sea-soldiers.

In Russia the martial art perfected for ages was hidden into secret special schools for training diversionists. The Russian Style is a part of the combat sambo (Russian self-defence without weapon) generated by Spiridonov and Kadochnikov. However, the today?s Russian Style standard was created by VadimStarov (who trained at a diversion school) who systemised and generalised the knowledge. As a result they created a universal survival system based on the historical battle experience and up-to-date developments in technologies and sciences such as mechanics, physics, medicine, geography, psychology, pathology, etc. Eventually, the System became the life system and world outlook of Slavonic people.

002Sergey Kondakov, Tver Special Direct Action (Spetsnaz) Detachment Commander, about Starov.
Over seventy percent of the Tver Special Direct Action Detachment staff has a real combat experience. Many times they worked in the hot spots of Russia. Many its soldiers experienced a special training based on the Russian Style SystemaSpetsnaz.

The Russian Style-SystemaSpetsnaz techniques helps the soldiers of this special purpose detachment to conduct operations to stop illegal drug and arms trade, to fight against customs crimes, and to provide personal security for customs officers and their relatives, or even to rescue hostages.

A Federal Security Service Spetsnaz (KGB-FSB): Why is the Russian Style-SystemaSpetsnaz good? It helps to survive in extreme conditions.


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