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International Training Center SystemaSpetsnaz “Russian Style”

Hand to hand Combat

Two parts of the system were created to fit the training of the individual, based on demand and application. SYSTEMA Russian Style hand to Hand Combat is suitable for civilians - men, woman and children. It offers practical self-defense training for everyday life.

SYSTEMA "SPETSNAZ" - is suitable for security personal, police officers, bodyguards or Federal Agents. It offers training in hand to hand combat, firearms and other specific areas needed for survival.

Systema No Contact Combat

Systema has another name “Samopoznaniya” or “Know Yourself”.
The system of personal development of the  Mind - Body - Spirit.

SYSTEMA SPETSNAZ - the System of personal security, the System of extreme survival is a whole complex of knowledge and skills which - at a certain moment - can secure you and save your life by applying an extraordinary effective martial art: Russian Style Close Fight. Those who have mastered the System - even if they are weak or wounded, children, old men or disabled - can defeat their enemies by using the energy and force of the attackers against them all, and by spending the minimum of his or her own energy and force. In the course of the training you will become able to benefit from the enemys force with the help of your slight move, and survive in different extreme situations. SystemaSpetsnaz- is an invisible weapon which cant be detected until its used and cant be taken away until the man is alive.

Training with Russian SPETSNAZ Special Forces

Youll receive the same elite military training given to members of the Russian Special Forces inside the guarded gates of the facilities where they train.

We've designed these programs to give you the substance of the elite military training without the psychological and physical stress. The better your physical condition when you arrive, the more you'll get out of these programs. You'll be strongly encouraged to opt out of any training you might find excessively difficult to avoid the risk of injury. However, anyone in any condition or of any age, can learn and benefit from this unique training.

Russian Martial Arts Training Spetsnaz Survival Training Train with Russian Special Forces As Real as it Gets - Unlike Anything Seen in the West

No contact Combat

RUSSIAN SPETSNAZ SECRET TECHNIQUES No Contact Combat RUSSIAN ENERGY Special psychological methods of influence by energy on the opponent.

Starting  enrollment is open to classes  for men & women in the system of personal development of the  Mind - Body - Spirit.
Training is offered in: Reflexotherapy, Breathing Exercises, Bio-energetic, Extrasensory abilities, Self - Control Techniques, Intuition, Intellect, Psychophysics, Internal Energy and Self-Defense.

Moscow Russia

Chief Instructor - VadimStarov
Phone: +7-495-543-8890
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