Russianspetsnaz Systema Starova Vadimstarov
Hand to hand Combat Systema Spetsnaz “Russian Style”

Two parts of the system were created to fit the training of the individual, based on demand and application. SYSTEMA Russian Style hand to Hand Combat is suitable for civilians - men, woman and children. It offers practical self-defense training for everyday life.

SYSTEMA "SPETSNAZ" - is suitable for security personal, police officers, bodyguards or Federal Agents. It offers training in hand to hand combat, firearms and other specific areas needed for survival.

SYSTEMA SPETSNAZ - the System of personal security, the System of extreme survival is a whole complex of knowledge and skills which - at a certain moment - can secure you and save your life by applying an extraordinary effective martial art: Russian Style Close Fight. Those who have mastered the System - even if they are weak or wounded, children, old men or disabled - can defeat their enemies by using the energy and force of the attackers against them all, and by spending the minimum of his or her own energy and force. In the course of the training you will become able to benefit from the enemys force with the help of your slight move, and survive in different extreme situations. SystemaSpetsnaz- is an invisible weapon which cant be detected until its used and cant be taken away until the man is alive.

Training with Russian SPETSNAZ Special Forces

Youll receive the same elite military training given to members of the Russian Special Forces inside the guarded gates of the facilities where they train.

We've designed these programs to give you the substance of the elite military training without the psychological and physical stress. The better your physical condition when you arrive, the more you'll get out of these programs. You'll be strongly encouraged to opt out of any training you might find excessively difficult to avoid the risk of injury. However, anyone in any condition or of any age, can learn and benefit from this unique training.

Russian Martial Arts Training Spetsnaz Survival Training Train with Russian Special Forces As Real as it Gets - Unlike Anything Seen in the West
SystemaSpetsnaz the system is a Russian martial art. Training includes: hand to hand combat, grappling, knife fighting and fire arms training as well. Training involves drills and sparring without set kata. It focuses mainly on controlling the six body levers (elbows, neck, knees, waist, ankles, and shoulders) through pressure point application, striking and weapon applications.

Hand-to-hand combat (sometimes abbreviated as HTH or H2H) is a lethal or nonlethal physical confrontation between two or more persons at very short range (grappling distance) that does not involve the use of firearms or other distance weapons. While the phrase "hand-to-hand" appears to refer to unarmed combat, the term is generic and may include use of striking weapons used at grappling distance such as knives, sticks, batons, or improvised weapons such as entrenching tools. While the term hand-to-hand combat originally referred principally to engagements by military personnel on the battlefield, it can also refer to any personal physical engagement by two or more combatants, including police officers and civilians.

Spetsnaz GRU hand-to-hand combat style is a martial art system taught by martial artist VadimStarovv to reconnaissance and saboteur units of the GRU.

The system was developed in the 1920s and 1930s and is taught together with Systema and Combat/Military
The main purpose of the system is to teach the students a close, fast and deadly combat, protecting them while causing harm to their opponent as fast as possible. The system is also concentrated on fighting multiple enemies and training in several weapons – such as various sticks or knives, bayonets, mounted knives, the AK-47, Spetsnaz shovels, Dual wielding pistols (Macedonian Style), etc.

It is also focused on giving the fighter the ability to survive in extreme conditions and to be able to come stealthily to a fight and leave in the same manner. All the techniques of this style are applicable in real life combat.
Hand-to-hand Combat

SYSTEMA HAND-TO-HAND training reveals the true way of self-defense. Experts call it the most important contribution to the worldwide movement of life and combat training.

VadimStarov is one of the few men in the world that has mastered the art of SYSTEMA - the fighting system of the ancient Russian warriors.

You will learn every fundamental principle of unarmed hand-to-hand combat including a multitude of fascinating drills and ideas, ways to develop endurance, sensitivity, striking power, unique use of the body for defense and attack, and total control of any empty-hand attack with emphasis on breathing, continuity, economy of motion, and unpredictable moves.

Training themes
Theory of Combat
Breathing Methods
Elements & Exercises
Punches - Strikes - Kicks
Pressure Points
Internal Wave Energy
Grabs & Chokes
Weapons Combat
Multiple Opponents Combat
The Systema Philosophy

The study and practice of this discipline involves a complete system of physical and spiritual health, relaxation, and courage in the face of all forms of adversity. But most of all, it involves a philosophy of life, peace and decency seldom seen. It disciplines its students to relax while striking, rather than focus to generate maximum power, allowing you to strike at unusual and unexpected angles, to smile in combat rather than adopt a fierce visage or announce your intentions with a blood curdling yell. There are no fixed training patterns or combinations of movements, all training is based on the reality that unexpected things happen in combat.

The purpose of this discipline is not merely to prepare for violence, but to gain a positive and strong mental state, to have a healthier and more limber body, to be more relaxed in a stressful society and to live a decent and peaceful life.

Combat in difficult conditions

SYSTEMA BREATHWORK: Unique breathing practice to dramatically raise your training potential and to enhance your health. Breathwork to develop sensitivity and achieve inner control.Breathwork to control tension, fear, aggression and pain.Breathwork as preparation for Hand to Hand combat, strikes and weapons work. Integration of breath and movement

 HEALTH: Practices of Tissue Impact, Bodyweight Massage, Percussive Massage, Joint Tapping and Visceral Pressures. Discover the direct connection between bodywork and preparation for combat. Take yourself far beyond the standard workouts and achieve explosive might in every cell of your body. Relaxation and restoration techniques.Healing old injuries.Disease prevention.

SYSTEMA FUNDAMENTALS: Primary and Advanced Hand-to-Hand Combat, Holds and Escapes, Ground Fighting, Weapons training - Disarming and Use - Knife, Stick and Spetsnaz Shovel, Gunpoint Supremacy, Instant and subtle drawing of weapons.

STRIKES: Learn a tremendous variety of strikes, the apparent and the subtle, surface and internal, delivered with precision and efficiency.

Learn the correct and safe ways of delivering and receiving strikes. Phenomenal use of breathing and psychology to dispel direct blows.

MOVEMENT: Defeating your opponents on the move with pinpoint accuracy. The key to all effective combat in natural movements - swift, subtle and effortless. Learn how the skill of true precision is derived from control over your own psyche. Amazing drills and instruction on solo and team work, holds and strikes, from focused preparations to knife slashing, defensive and offensive use of knives.Stable movements in diverse settings such as water.

SURVIVAL: Forest, Field, Slopes and Water, Psychology and Reserves of psyche in extreme situations. Awareness and concealment.Accelerated preparation for challenging conditions. Unexpected encounters. Survival and combat at night time with no sources of light (PARTICIPATION IS OPTIONAL).

TENSION and FEAR : Identifying and understanding tension in oneself and partners. Eliminating fear of contact.Removing fear in yourself and your partner.Water as a training tool for the psyche.

PERSONAL PROTECTION on basic and professional levels. Developing sensitivity and intuition.Countering criminal intent.

CONDITIONING: Intensity of conditionning will be adjusted based on individual abilities. Breath-powered exercises. Strengthening the body and spirit through contact with terrain, trees, water, group and partnered exercises.Effect of exercise on psyche.

OPPONENT CONTROL: Evaluating opponent's capabilities. Estimating vulnerable zones in yourself and opponent.Team work.Beating the odds - Defense against multiple attackers, crowd control and survival.

What is Systema SPETSNAZ?

Systema SPETSNAZ is a realistic combat style of fighting with real-life, rather than sport, application. It involves a unique, high speed, elliptical open-hand striking system, kicking, and defense on the ground. Unlike many Asian styles, Systema has no predetermined fighting stances, but teaches you to defend yourself against attackers from any position. In addition, students are trained in the use and disarming of weapons, improvised weapons, as well as combat in non-traditional situations such as fighting from a chair or while in a car.

Universal COMBAT SYSTEMA SPETSNAZ - is a unique combination of knowledge, skills and practical habits, also it's a way of assembling, developing and using them according to particular tasks or aims for a person who wants to get prepared for a professional fighting or any other extreme activities.

SYSTEMA SPETSNAZ covers a wide circle of questions:

- Physical training
- Hand to hand fighting
- Fiery grounding
- Practical survival skills in different circumstances
- Tactical training
- Psychological training
- Psychophysical training

1. A specialist that was trained according to SYSTEMA SPETSNAZ methods will be a person with harmony developed system of such psychological qualities which will guarantee effective realization of professional functions, will allow to increase endurance resources, will maintain physical and psychological health and "professionalism longevity".

2. SYSTEMA SPETSNAZ is a whole system of psychological training programme based on special principals that allows from one hand to unify the process of training for specialist of different profiles, and from the other hand permits to take into account each trainee's individual features and level of preparation.

This training system allows to avoid the main defect of the most existing combat fighters training systems that is "sporting" style of behaviour in a combat situation. This style displays a limited combat thinking, lack of improvisation in the frames of multitude varieties of possibilities and tasks, passivity in critical situations, increased intuition when there is not enough information about the enemy and his methods of combat tactics, etc...

3. The structure of SYSTEMA SPETSNAZ training combines a number of different methods. For example, methods of super fast training. Depending upon aims and timing a training could practice SYSTEMA SPETSNAZ to get a narrow range of knowledge and skills but in a very short period of time.

Super fast methods of training are used when a trainee should obtain some extreme skills during several days. Usually, trainees go through a whole programme that is oriented on developing a professional who will be able to understand and use full range of psychophysical qualities.

This type of preparation is very important for the future of the trainee. Knowing the basis you will be able to develop your professionalism without any instructor.

4.SYSTEMA SPETSNAZ is an outstanding system and it allows to practice in big groups. Our coaches understand individual level of each trainee that helps to optimise the process of practicing.

5. Saving and accumulating skills and knowledge that a trainee acquires practicing different experience of SYSTEMA SPETSNAZ does not oriented on "direct storing" of the information that usually turns into huge losses of it. The main task of the system - to create a specific culture of acquired knowledge for the coaches and for the trainees, the culture that is based on unique but scientifically proved principles of "Life experience ".

A professional does not need "to store" skills and experience, choosing the important items just for the particular moment, the Pro builds a detailed model of the situation that helps to restore in the future any required information which actual for the specific moment.

The Integrated system of the intellect development.

Development of mental abilities - one of the most important tasks of SYSTEMA SPETSNAZ that makes this sy tern profitably different from other training schools.

6. SYSTEMA SPETSNAZ exists as a social and state institution maintaining several directions:
-"Russian Style"- System of the self-defense
- Combat Army System
- Police Combat System
- Health Improving Programme

The combination of several directions helps to satisfy specific and very often completely different needs of departments, SYSTEMA SPETSNAZ gives an opportunity to take into account age specification of the trainees.

With the help of techniques of SYSTEMA SPETSNAZ, special preparation plastic system, a wounded, ill, weak person is capable of showing resistance and overcoming a surpassing physically, armed adversary in a hand-to-hand fight. Students trained with a hand-to-hand fight in accordance with SYSTEMA SPETSNAZ pattern have real chances of survival at combat against several adversaries. Being designed with the use of natural movements and reactions of a human body, our techniques of a hand-to-hand fight do not require long mechanical learning, and free manipulation with small components of techniques, i.e. with technical elements, enables for a hand-to-hand fighter to react to any situation adequately. The fighter himself determines the order of combination and application of methods of a hand-to-hand fight, taking into consideration the physical and mental condition of the adversary, the environment and many other factors. The main principle of the plastic systems is not to respond to a force with a force but to redirect the adversary's attempts against themselves for the fighter's own purposes.

of theoretical knowledge and practical skills required to acquire the rank of specialist of 1st (beginner) level of education of hand-to-hand combat ( Russian style ).

1. Historical aspects of Russian Hand-to-Hand combat.
2. Three basic laws of human survival under extreme conditions.
3. Principles of movement.

  Practical work:

1. Base movement "Eight" - 4 directions of movements, concerning a vertical and horizontal axis; by hands and legs - separately for both sides.

  Special acrobatics:

1. Side falls.
2. Forward falls.
3. Position an assured from strikes from the right, left and behind.
4. Forward somersault - arms to the side.
5. Backward somersault - arms to the side.


Technical work:

1. Stances, frames, turns, movement.
2. Release from a hold - Method I
3. Release from a hold - Method II
4. Release from a hold - Method III
5. Release from a hold on the neck from the front and from behind.
6. Release from a hold on the legs from the front; the root of a nose.
7. Defense from strikes - Method I; and from weapons also
8. Defense from strikes - Method II; and from weapons also
9. Defense from strikes - Method III; and from weapons also
10. Removal of weapons, knifes, pistols, automatic weapons, staffs.

  Special exercises for development of explosive force, dexterity, endurance. 1. Side falls alternately (side to side) - 15 times per one minute;
2. Forward somersault with U-turn - 15 times per one minute;
3. Forward falls alternately with U-turn - 10 times per one minute;
"Crocodile" - 5 meters.
5. "Frog" - 5 meters.



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