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Internal Energy

Body Mind and Spirit

Old Slavic sages  were aware of the relationship between mind, intent an internal energy and constructed models to explain these relationships. According to the teachings of the Old Russian secret model, internal energy is the active force underlying a number of influences in disciplines ranging from traditional medicine, to energetic meditation to some abilities in Russian internal martial arts. The core of this model purports to explain the relationship between the body's internal energy system and the mind is a formula called "three inner relationships
Ancient russian sages have said that human beings are composed of both matter and spirit. Our physical body, mind and intellect are the matter components while our soul is the spirit - the real Self - that radiates and drives the matter components.

We have been blessed with the capacity to discriminate. We are equipped to take decisions using our intellect and by applying acquired wisdom. We have vast potential, but because of our ignorance of Self, these potentials remain largely untapped. That is why all wise men have exhorted us to try and attain Supreme Knowledge of the Self.

Body Mind and Spirit: Body, Mind, Spirit - Strike A Balance
 According to the Russian energetic model, although every living thing possesses internal energy, only man has the capacity to direct  energy for specific purpose. This suggests the mind's power to either knowingly or unknowingly direct internal energy in such a way as to influence one's internal energy field, potentially influencing not only one's health, but interpersonal relationships and even impacting the physical world. Consciously  or unconsciously directed intent is more powerful than most of us realize and, like the effects of the energetic healing that causes bacteria to either flourish or be annihilated, so to do our mind, emotion and attitudes have an (more than usually realized) affect on ourselves and others.

No Contact Combat translated as “internal energy work or cultivation” refers to a broad range of movement, breath, and imagery practices including the internal martial art of SystemaStarova
Find your Internal Energy and learn this valuable Russian art VadimStarov.   Our minds work so fast, that when we learn to harness and control the mental portion of all physical sports and activities- You will outperform yourself every time.  As we are always looking to improve on ourselves, we must master our internal elements.

For centuries, Russian martial arts masters, monks, warriors and scholars have pursued methods to develop, channel and harness the mysterious and powerful internal life force known as  INTERNAL ENERGY NO CONTACT COMBAT.

Exercises like INTERNAL ENERGY NO CONTACT COMBAT SYSTEMA STAROVA promote mental and physical health, harmony and longevity. Many martial artists use the applications of INTERNAL ENERGY training to increase power, heighten focus and develop inner strength.

INTERNAL ENERGY:The Science of Internal Energy  explores chi development through the emerging Russian training method of SystemaStarova. Grandmaster VadimStarov INTERNAL ENERGY , headmaster of Russian Academy of Self Knowledge , teaches a series of chi training exercises combined with breathing methods to channel chi while strengthening the muscles and promoting discipline in the mind and body.

SystemaStarova's unique method of increasing flexibility in the joints to unblock the circulation of chi and its use of a form of dynamic tension to enhance breathing exercises produces results for even the most novice practitioners.

Discover the secrets of this ancient training method through a visit to the Moonmak mountain training center in Russian where Grandmaster VadimStarov and his students share their experiences with chi training in interviews and demonstrations.

If you are seeking a unique chi training method or are new to the concepts of internal energy, this video will open your eyes to the possibilities within you.

Bio-energetics is a body-mind approach to psychological, physical and emotional health and well-being.


An adventure in self-discovery.

A holistic approach to the relief of stress and the increase of energy.

A means of enhancing emotional well-being and sense of self.

A help in opening one's heart to love and life.


In bio-energetics, the emphasis is on being rather than doing. There is no goal to reach, image to meet nor technique to master. These classes can be done by anyone who is interested in learning more about their body and themselves. The practice of bio-energetics is based on the premise that there is no fundamental separation between the mind and the body; that psychological stress reflects and creates what is happening physically and inversely, that physical or somatic events both reflect and create mental and emotional states. Emotional stress from many areas – relationships, jobs, health, etc. - can produce tensions in the body.

Bio-energetic exercise classes differ from other exercise classes in that they are designed to help participants let down and give into their body instead of building muscular strength. Bio-energetic exercises bring all of us down to the basics of life – breathing, moving, feeling and expressing.

The classes follow a format of checking in with your body, warm-ups, grounding and building the body's energy, then discharging the energy through movement and expression. This is followed by relaxation, sensing and grounding. Grounding involves letting down and lowering the center of gravity to feel closer to the earth. The immediate result is to feel a sense of security.

The exercises, particularly the stress positions, help you let go of holding or rigidities, with the end result being that you may feel physically tired, but inwardly feel vibrant and exhilarated. At the conclusion of a class your breathing should be easier and steadier, your colour should improve and your eyes should be brighter.

Properly done, the exercises do not pose any danger, but it is advised that you consult with your physician prior to beginning any new exercise regime.


Bio-energetics can benefit individuals from all backgrounds and stages of life; anyone who would like to grow and are willing to work for the growth to:

  • Feel alive.
  • Love deeply and well.
  • Find life's personal meaning.
  • Enhance self-esteem.
  • Experience joy and pleasure.

The Bio-energetics classes are led by VadimStarov, Specialist - Biosensory Psychology - No Contact Combat
Instructor - “Traditional Russian Breathing Methods - Healthy Way of Life”
Author of the method - "Reserve Human Abilities in Extreme Situations”



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