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Use Easy Steps To Take Control Over Your Life
Think & FEEL The Exceptional Results You Want To Achieve
Improve Your Quality Of Living
By Using 100% Of Your Brain
Would you like to have all the money you need when you need it, no matter how high rising costs become? No problem! You have an excellent mind, but you need to make optimal use of it. Let our exercises help you make 100% use of your brain in an easy step by step process. Achieve Immediate Success In Your Life

Happiness and Success In Life starts with your state of mind. As odd as it may sound to some people, our outer world of circumstances shapes itself through our inner world of thought. YOU actually hold the key to your own happiness by exercising your power to choose your own thoughts and feelings. Whatever attitude and state of mind you project forth from yourself, you will receive back to yourself. If you maintain a favorable state of mind, you will get favorable results in life. If you carry an unfavorable state of mind, you will get comparable results in life. Through total brain stimulation, you develop an appropriate state of mind to fulfill the function it was designed to fulfill. You become better in all areas of your life, you feel satisfied and you easily tap into the abundance around you. You were designed to be healthy. You were designed to be creative. You were designed to be happy - and all because you have such a large, wonderful brain that can be easily used to better yourself and the conditions around you.

Everyone has the potential of achieving all they desire, because success is an easily learned process for someone using their complete brain. Let us provide you with the techniques and exercises to stimulate and use your complete brain and get better results out of life. Learn the steps and apply what you learn to every area in your life. Take the first action towards improving your life by calling us?

You CAN Decide on a Better State of Mind for Your Life Today!

Allow yourself to evolve without limits! Discover The Unlimited Power Within You Through Using 100% of Your Brain.

To A New Course Manual Of  Mind/Body/Spirit Exercises
You Can Achieve Extraordinary Results With The Following:
Speed Reading - Photographic Memory - Fast Language Learning - Stress Relief -
Create The Money You Need - Increase Your Energy - Make Better Choices -
Develop Super Heightened Senses - Eliminate Pain - Learn Basic Telepathy



by VadimStarov

Because The Exercises Do Work!

When You Use More Of Your Brain:

  • You can achieve and accomplish whatever you want!
  • You can make whatever money you need with your skills!
  • You can embrace your stress peacefully and thrill yourself every day!
  • You can be at the top of your game!
  • If you were born with 10 fingers and persisted in using only 1 or 2 fingers instead of 10, life would be difficult, wouldn't it? The same thing happens when you use 10% or 20% of your brain tissue.

It's easier than you think to improve yourself using our course! Seize the moment with our self-improvement manual! Master the many secret techniques to acquiring the extraordinary powers latent within you! Learn these simple methods, both old and new, and use 100% of your brain!

Take The 100% Brain Course and Learn How To:

  • Deal With Difficult People Easily!
  • Learn New Skills Quickly!
  • Transform Problems Into Challenges!
  • Get What You Want Without Strenuous Effort!
  • Be Humble, Strong And Powerful!
  • Be Mindful Of Your Various Daily States!
  • Increase Your Energy & Increase Your Health!
  • Change Yourself and Thereby Change The World!
  • Turn Doubt Into Determination!
  • Transform Yourself Into A Superman (Superwoman)!
  • Use Creative Thinking To Your Advantage!
  • Learn To Enjoy What You Do And Only Do What You Enjoy!
  • Be Unconsciously Conscious!
  • Learn Your Innate Ability Of Self-Healing!
  • Regain Control Over Your Life With A Flow/Release Process!
  • Attract Love Without Going Half Way Around The World!
  • Learn The Power Of Attentive Intention!

Feeling Grumpy Lately?
human resources, motivation, learning styles, self esteem
Why Not Embrace
Stress As A Friend?

  • Meditate An Hour In 10 Minutes!
  • Breathe Your Way To Better Health!
  • Embrace Stress As A Friend!
  • Transform Confusion With Intuition!
  • Do More With Less!
  • Learn While Asleep!
  • Master Lucid Dreaming Techniques!
  • Fear The World and Still Succeed!
  • Obtain Material Things Through Sleep Learning!
  • Make Tons Of Money Through Self-Hypnosis!
  • Enjoy Yourself Immensely While Your POWER Grows!
  • Stimulate Your Brain Through Your Ears!
  • Become Ambidextrous, Use Both Sides Of Your Brain!
  • Relax Your Unhappiness and Be Happy!
  • Become Physically Strong Via Your Thoughts!
  • Eat and Lose Weight With Reverse Imagery!
  • Exercise Your Personal Power To Be Free!
  • Also Learn The Latest Extraordinary Research Involving How To......
  • 'See' With Your Skin And Go Beyond Your Eyes!
  • Boost Your Brain Power With
  • Speed Read At Over 2,000 WPM!
  • FirewalkIn An Evening Lesson!
  • Regulate Your Body Temperature!
  • Distort Time And Learn Faster!
  • Speed Learn Your Way To A Foreign Language!

Subliminal Learning
human resources, motivation, learning styles, self esteem
Happens Everyday

  • Reawaken Your 'Photographic' Memory!
  • Condition Yourself To See Auras!
  • Learn Lightning Calculating!
  • Play Blindfold Chess!
  • Be A Millionaire, Yet Maintain Integrity!
  • Use Your Sensory Telepathic Abilities!
  • Do 4 Things At The Same Time Easily!
  • Learn To Control Your Thoughts!
  • Use Subliminal Learning In Everyday Life!

The developed right hemisphere of a brain responds for a position and orientation of the body in space, for a coordination and speed of motions, for quick identification of the information from all body, thus the sensitivity to a pain and intoxication is reduced, the intuitive perception is increased sharply. The right hemisphere operates not sample operations on the arisen danger.

The developed left hemisphere of a brain inspects our operations, allows to avoid them in chaos, to evaluate critically of an ambient reality and to select an actual method of reacting on the arisen danger in the same time.

The person acts most effectively in extreme situations, when he has advanced the intellect and has learned the brain to work as a unit.
Each person can multiply increase the intellectual capabilities, logical and creative intellection, memory, intuition and response during a short time.

The system has strong improving effect: the immunity becomes stronger, the process of an aging of the brain is suspended, the hormonal processes are normalized, the vessels of the brain become stronger, the physiological consequences of stress are taken out, the requirement of an organism for simulated stimulators peters etc.
The pharmaceuticals are not used in the given system.

SystemaStarova are based on 4 lessons:

1. Intellect and methods of its enriching.
•    Frequencies of a brain's activity and influence of external factors on intellect (emotions, electromagnetic and acoustical frequency, light and color waves, odors).
•    Memory as a component of intellectual capabilities. Exercises on development of memory, concentration and attention.

2.Head andspine.
•    Features of physiology of a brain. The main zones of a brain. Cerebralbleedingandexercises.
•    Hormonal system. Self-massage and exercises for normalization of hormonal processes. Effect of food and drinks, dream and stressful situations on intellectual activity.
•    The anti-stress guidelines and exercises. Special exercises for a spine.

3. Back zones of a brain.
•    Exercises for development of vision, audition, olfaction, gustatory and tactile sensations.
•    Exercises for development of space orientation's zone.
•    Frontal zones of a brain and zone of composite intellection.
•    Exercises for development of frontal zones of a brain.

4. Hemisphereofthebrain.
•    Left (logical) hemisphere of a brain. Exercises on activation of the left hemisphere of a brain.
•    Right (creative) hemisphere of a brain. Exercises on activation of a right hemisphere of a brain.
•    Brain callused body of a brain and interaction of hemispheres of a brain.
•    Exercises on development of interactions of hemispheres of a brain.
•    Cerebellum and exercises for activation of its activity.
•    Self-massage on activation of a brain's activity.

Foods For Your Brain

You read everywhere that a healthy diet is important for your well being. From a self development point of view, did you realise that certain foods are good for your brain as they can affect your mental performance?

As you get older your brain ages in that you are more likely to experience cognitive problems and brain dysfunction. It is believed that unlike genetic factors that cannot be controlled, you can help to keep your brain in tip top condition by what you eat.

You probably already know what foods make you feel sluggish and which seem to give your brain an energy boost. Several studies have now been done on the effect of food on the power of your mind. Here are some ‘brain foods’ that have been investigated:

High in magnesium, they produce better blood flow to the brain and help your processing.

High levels of zinc. Minor zinc deficiencies have been shown to impair memory.

The acai berry is probably the most talked about but blueberries, blackberries and cranberries are all known for their antioxidants that assist in the preservation of brain cells. Containing flavonoids, they protect brain cells from free radicals and help you to retain data and information. They have also been found to increase learning capacity and motor skills.

High in flavanols which increase blood flow and improve concentration, verbal and visual memory. It also has powerful antioxidant properties and stimulates the production of endorphins that help to improve your mood.

Yolks contain choline which helps regulate the brain and nervous system by acting as a messenger between muscles and nerves. This is believed to boost cell production improving learning, memory and cognition. The selenium in organic eggs is thought to help your mood.

Has a protective antioxidant effect on the brain. It improves blood flow to your brain, making thinking easier, improves brain function and prevents long term degeneration of the brain’s frontal lobes.

Is believed to improve cognitive function and may help prevent degenerative diseases of the brain. It is a natural anti-inflammatory food. The antioxidants in ground cloves, cinnamon, dried oregano and turmeric also help to protect the brain and improve cognition.

High in iron. Iron-deficiency is linked to tiredness, poor mood, foggy thinking and other cognitive issues. Examples include spinach and kale, rich in protein and free-radical fighting antioxidants.

Almonds, cashews and hazelnuts in particular are high in vitamin E which is essential to cognition and improves energy and mental alertness. Nuts also provide a great source of protein and hence the amino acids needed in neurotransmitter production.

A ‘healthy fat’ that is believed essential for clear thinking, good memory and a balanced mood. (Avoiding fat can increase foggy thinking, mood swings, and insomnia.)

Rich in selenium, magnesium, protein and other nutrients important for brain health. Research has shown significantly improved cognition and mood.

The juice is full of antioxidants which are essential for a healthy brain.

This herb helps to provide protection from brain disease, strokes and neuro-degeneration. Its antioxidants fight free radicals, the toxic by-products of natural cell metabolism.

SALMON (wild)
Rich in Omega 3 fatty acids and has anti-inflammatory properties that aid in blood flow and enhance memory. Studies have shown more alertness, better memory, improved cognition, less depression and anxiety, and reduced risk of degenerative mental diseases.

Essential for cell growth, blood production and preventing memory loss. It contains nutrients that slow down the effects of premature aging by preventing the negative effects of oxidation on the brain.

Improve mental agility as well as your mood as they contain thiamine which enhances memory and thinking skills. Seeds generally are packed with protein, healthy fats and vitamin E which are good for general brain function. They also contain brain-boosting magnesium and stress-reducing antioxidants.

The antioxidant properties of green and black tea dilate blood vessels and increase blood flow to the brain. Tea has also been found to enhance your focus and mood, and to promote mental relaxation.

The lycopene in tomatoes is a powerful antioxidant that fights disease by neutralizing free radicals, the molecules that damage or destroy brain cells. Tomatoes have been found to improve memory and brain function.

A rich source of Omega 3 plus the highest level of vitamin B6 of any food. Studies have shown B6 to be directly correlated with memory, cognition and long term brain health, as well as being important for balancing mood.

Contains amino acids that encourage the production of neurotransmitters. Studies have indicated a growth of brain tissue while slowing down the aging process.

High levels of Omega 3 which prevents the decline of cognitive and motor function, increases brain resiliency and improves cell functioning. It also balances the unstable neurotransmitters that can cause depression and other mood swings.


Research suggests that certain foods can improve memory, neural integrity, focus, concentration, reaction time, alertness, etc., by keeping neural pathways in the brain healthy and high-functioning. For your own self development it is useful to be aware of this in order to keep both your body and mind in tip top condition.



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